Division of Clinical Physiology

Faculty of Medicine UNIVERSITY of DEBRECEN


Deadline of SRS research essay submission for graduating students in 2021/22 academic year

In the case of those SRS research essays where the aim is to get it accepted as a diploma thesis in the given academic year, or the student is expected to submit an application where the accepted SRS research essay is a criterion or advantage for the students of general medical training with State Examination in June 2022, the submission deadline is 19th of February 2022.
For the students of general medical training with State Examination in August or November 2022 the deadline is 2nd of April 2022.
The deadline is 5th of March 2022 for submitting SRS research essays of students in the BSc/MSc training courses of Faculty of Medicine and for students of Faculty of Public Health.
For students of Faculty of Pharmacy, Faculty of Dentistry and Faculty of Health the deadline is 5th of February 2022.

The SRS research essay must be submitted ONLY in the electronic uploading system (http://tdk.lib.unideb.hu/). After uploading, the front-end generated by the electronic system shall be signed by the Head of Department, SRS advisor (Miklós Fagyas MD. PhD.) and supervisor(s) and submitted to the SRS administrator (Judit Derzsi, Education Office 103) before the above deadlines. The SRS research essay is only considered to be submitted and the evaluation process starts when the signed front page is also submitted. According to the pandemic situation the way of submission might change.