Division of Clinical Physiology

Faculty of Medicine UNIVERSITY of DEBRECEN

I want to be an SRS student in the Division of Clinical Physiology

Application for SRS status in the Department of Cardiology

Dear Student,

if you want to be a scientific research student in the Department of Cardiology, please send an e-mail to the local SRS advisor (Miklós Fagyas MD. PhD, fagyasmiklos@med.unideb.hu) with the following content:

- Name, programme, year
- Interested in experimental or clinical cardiology
- Motivation, goal
- Timeframe for research (minimum 4 hours per week during business hours)
- Grade of Clinical Physiology subject (optional)
- CV (optional)
- Previous SRS work (optional)

Best regards,
Miklós Fagyas MD. PhD.
Local SRS advisor